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UFO Related Links

I cannot guarantee how current these links are. Since sites change so quickly on the Internet, some of these sites may no longer be active. If you find a link that is no longer working or you have found a site I should add to this list, please make a note of it, to me, using the mail link below.

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Table of Contents

Groom Lake, Area51, Nellis Test Site
General Archives and Personal Pages
Sky Searches
USENET Newgroups
Mailing Lists
Commerical Sites

Groom Lake/Nellis Information

DOE Declassified information MJ4's 1st Area 51 and UFO Page
Mr. GoodBytes's Area51 Page Nellis AFB World Wide Web Server
Nellis Test Site/AFB Paul McGinnis - Reforming U.S. military secrecy
Psychospy's Guide to Knowledge Smitty's UFO PAGE
The Skunk Works Tom Mahood's Blue Fire

General Archives & Personal Pages

AIX UFO BBS National UFO Reporting Center
Alien Information Another Ultimate UFO Page
BUFORA Bonehead's UFO Information Center
Chris' UFO Web Page Crop Circle Connector
Dave Gawlik's Roswell UFO Page Deb's UFOResearch Information
Dr. Bruce Cornet Flying Saucer Review
Galactic Central Galaktisk Informasjons Service
Information Regarding UFOs and ANS Internet UFO Group
Italian Ufology and Sightings Jarmo's Ufo-links
Josh's UFO Page KeelyNet: UFO
Keogan's UFO and Paranormal Page Kooks Museum
Laurent's Flying Disks Levin-UFO center
Light is Information Massachusett UFO Report Site
Mesaka's UFO-page Millennium Matters
MindVox UFO Archives Natty's UFO Document Page
Pacific Northwest UFO Archive Paranormal Links and Sources
PI UFO Page Planet Internet UFO's
PLEIDES Pleiades Index
PPOIA UFO Section Rick's UFO Information and Links
Roswell Film Site Roswell: The Footage
Rutgers UFO WWW Site Saucer Smear
School of Exo-Science and Alien Studies Sci-Fi and the Paranormal
SHARP Research mosaic server Sinister Connections- Aliens and Saucers
Skeptic`s Disctionary Stanton Friedman`s WWW Page
Strange Phenomenon Investigations (SPI) Sweden UFO Site
The Alberta UFO Research Association The Art Bell Page
The Bluebook The Crop Watcher
The Department of Interplanetary Affairs The MUFON Home Page
The Road The Skeptics UFOlogy
The Society for Scientific Exploration The Strange Page
The UFO Guide The UFO Link
The Ultimate UFO Page The World Wide Times UFO Group
The X-Files & UFO info Top 5% Rated UFO & Fringe by Point
UFOlogyENDS Ufology Research of Manitoba
UFO Graphix UFO Info at Einet Galaxy
UFO Phenomena (At Spirit) UFO Phenomenon
UFO Reporting Site UFO Resources on the Net
UFO-Rogaland UFO and Alien Images
UFO's and Related Phenomenon UFOs, Contactees & Wanderers
UFO & Space Pics (FI) UFOS and The New Physics
UFO Theories UFOT - Avaruuden Nomadit -seminaari
UN Office for Outer Space Affairs Virtual Library - UFO
Virtual Sci-Fi Art Gallery V J Enterprises UFO
Wiretap UFO Archive Yahoo UFO Info
Yellow Pages - UFO Zeta Talk

Sky Searches

Bologna Radio Astronomy Institute Educator's Guide to Life Beyond Earth
META & BETA (Harvard, MA) NASA High Res Microwave Survey
Ohio State University Project BAMBI
SERENDIP (Berkeley, CA) SETI at the Parkes Observatory, Australia
The Planetary Society

USENET Newsgroups

Alt.Alien.Research (post to group)
Alt.Alien.Visitors (post to group)
Alt.Paranet.Ufo (post to group)
Alt.Ufo.Reports (post to group)
Paranet archives

Mailing Lists & List Servers

Commercial Sites

The Real UFO Page A Great X-Files site.
The X-Files Believe
U.F.O. Series Fortean Times
Ufo's Are Real Unmasking the Enemy
Schwa IllumiNet Press
Lone Zone Alien Section


Hastings UFO Society Marvin the Martian
The Infamous Mars Smiley Face The UFO Story

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