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Science Links

I cannot guarantee how current these links are. Since sites change so quickly on the Internet, some of these sites may no longer be active. If you find a link that is no longer working or you have found a site I should add to this list, please make a note of it, to me, using the mail link below.

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Table of Contents

General Earth Sciences
Satellite Images
Solar Power


General Archaeology

Archaeology and Adventure Page Far Horizons Archaeological & Cultural Tours
The Ancient World Web: The Ultimate Index of All Things Ancient The Indiana Jones WWW Page
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Anthropology LISS.381: RESOURCES - ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITES

Meso American Archaeology

CMC - Mystery of the Maya Mayan Hieroglyphic Syllabary
Mesoamerican Archaeology WWW page Mexican Tourist Information
MEXICO Mexico Info
Mexico's Indigenous Home Page TEOTIHUACÁN
The Maya Astronomy Page

Central U.S. Archaeology


Mountain U.S. Archaeology

ASU Welcome Chaco Canyon
Southwestern Archaeology


Flight Simulation

FSASM Home Page Paper Airplane Hanger Page

General Aviation

Airport and Navaid Information Aviation Classifieds ( Aircraft )
Aviation Enthusiast corner Tim's Plane Page

General Earth Sciences


Earthquake Information The Amber Lady
VolcanoWorld Home Page


Atlantic Tropical Weather Center Global Surface Pressure
High Temperatures Across the U.S. INTELLiCast: USA Weather
Jet-Stream Vectors Low Temperatures Across the U.S.
Marine Forecasts and Observations National Weather Radar
Precipitable Water Chart [U.S.] Radar Summary Across North America
Severe Weather and Natural Disaster Bulletins Temperatures Across North America
Temperatures Across the U.S. U.S. Surface Composite Weather Data
U.S. Radar + Infrared Composite Image U.S. Radar + Infrared Composite Movie
U.S. Frontal Systems + Radar Composite Weather World Detailed Menu
World Satellite-Composite Image World Weather Picture

Current Weather Images

Eastern False-Color Composite Eastern Infrared
Eastern Visible Eastern Water-Vapor
False-Color Composite GOES 7 Visible
GOES 7 Infrared Globe Infrared
Globe Visible Hemisphere Visible
Hemisphere Infrared Movie (Infrared)


Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Scripps Institution of Oceanography


Hovertrans B.V. Alex's Home Page
Eric Tilton's Hovercraft Home Page


Cold Fusion Technology Homepage GSI home page
Psychology of Invention The Farnsworth Chronicles
THE PM ZONE Unlimited Vacuum Energy Production Method

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Deep Space Sites

Hubble Space Telescope Latest HST Release
PDS Imaging Node - Homepage SEDS Internet Party House

General NASA Information

Cool NASA Site of the Week NASA Dryden WWW Home Page
NASA K-12 Internet Initiative: NASA Shuttle Web
NASA Television on CU-SeeMe ST ScI Press Releases
Today at NASA

Solar System Science Cassini Home Page: The Mission
Comet Hale-Bopp Animation Comet Hale-Bopp at www.
Comet Home Page Comets and Meteor Showers
Dryden Research Aircraft Photo Archive Mir Visibility
NASA Ames Research Center: Galileo Probe San Diego Space Physics
SKY Online - Home Page SKY Online -- Weekly News Bulletin
Solar Eclipse Images Space Calendar (JPL)
The Home Page of "The Earth Centered Universe" Astronomy Program The Nine Planets


Do It Yourself on the Web Visual Basic Programming Languager-Related Files
The Visual Basic Community vbasic Section
VB Online Visual Basic homepages
Visual Basic Online Wild Web of Visual Basic!


3D-Studio Adobe Photoshop
Babylon 5: Behind the Scenes Building Trees using L-Systems
Dettmann's 3D Links Directory of /
Directory of /pub/competition Directory of /pub/povray/ezine
Kari Kivisalo Home Page Mesh Mart -OBCATDX
Neon3 NewTek
Persistence of Vision Ray Tracer Persistence Of Vision Raytracer
Pov3-WaTCH! PovZine
Raytracing Rules! Specular Spotlight
Stereoscopy Information and Resources - index.html Terrain Maker Home Page
Viewpoint DataLabs: Welcome virtuals

Satellite Images

Browser for Earth Observations from Shuttle Clementine Lunar Image Browser
Declassified Satellite Photographs Directory of /pub
GSI home page ImageNet Data Providers
ImageNet Interactive Map ImageNet Interactive Map
Sites that dispense current satellite images. Status of Clementine Lidar Data
The EarthRISE Homepage The ERC Earth Observation Images Database
The NASA/JPL Imaging Radar Home Page The Satellite Active Archive Home Page
The WWW Virtual Library: Remote Sensing: Other Information USGS CLEMENTINE

Solar Power

Earthship Global Operations Chapter 2: Current Activities
Earthship Electronics Manufacturers on the net - Product Index
Energy Ideas contents Find Solar Radiation and Climate Summary Data
Gaining Ground--Sustainable Energy NATURE-LOO
Real Goods Trading Corp Scott's Home Page
Solar Energy Industries Association Sun Ovens Save Energy by Using Solar Power
Solstice: Sustainable Energy and Development Online! The Gorby Files: Renewable Energy
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Energy World Power Technologies
Yellow Mountain Institute Home Page

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