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None needed for this section. I use a program called Vistapro (by Virtual Reality Labs) to input Digital Elevation Model (DEM) files to get accurate 3D representations of existing U.S. landform elevations for viewing from any angle. I also use a program called Point Of Vision RAY-tracer (POVRAY) which is a powerful public domain ray-tracing package to give these landforms photorealistic qualities (look under the taboo links section for UFO's and Area 51 to see a sample of what can be done with POVRAY). I am in the process of downloading the entire U.S. digital landform database and putting it on CD ROM. Once I finish that project, I should have the entire database here on this site for faster retrieval of the files.
I cannot guarantee how current these links are. Since sites change so quickly on the Internet, some of these sites may no longer be active. If you find a link that is no longer working or you have found a site I should add to this list, please make a note of it, to me, using the mail link below.

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Table of Contents

Digital Files for Elevations
General U.S. Maps

Digital Files for Elevations

USGS Elevation Database USGS Elevation Relief
USGS Geo Data (SUN System) USGS Geo Data (Regular Site)
Virtual Reality Labs. Inc. (Home of VistaPro)

General U.S. Maps

Census Bureau Tiger Mapping Service Color Landform Atlas of the United States
DeLorme Mapping Directory of /pub/gifmap_hi
Directory of /pub/gifmap Directory of /pub/map/dem
GeoWeb Home Page Map-It - A GMT3 Map Generator
Map-Related Web Sites PCL Map Collection
rockylink_top.html USGS Marine and Coastal Geology Program Home Page
USGS Programs in Nevada Welcome to The NAC Home Page!

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